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Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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Wild Horses of the Namib




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Kraal Sunset

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About The Artist

Taking a picture of a horse

Gisela Marnewecke is a Namibian pencil artist currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Her graphite pencil drawings depicting people, places and wildlife from the African continent have gained international recognition with pieces in the National Gallery of Namibia’s permanent collection as well as prize-winning works in national art competitions there. Three of her works have been acquired by the Wurth Museum of Art in Wurth, Germany for its permanent collection entitled ‘Namibia: Art of a Young Generation’.

Each drawing is painstakingly completed over a typical period of 4-6 weeks, often with the use of multiple fine layers of pencil to create the exact tone and texture required. Gisela has travelled extensively through Asia, Africa and the Americas to gain inspiration for her drawings, and continues to do so, particularly in Namibia.

She is currently working on her first full-scale solo exhibition featuring the Wild Horses of the Namib Desert.

Artist’s Statement

“Finding moments of beauty and poignancy in the world forms the inspiration for these drawings. I look for something unique and fleeting, whether it be a barely-visible emotion passing across a human face; the perfect synchronicity of an animal in its environment; or that elusive breathtaking moment of stillness one is sometimes fortunate enough to witness in nature.

I am particularly captivated by light and shadow and the beauty that these can create at any given moment. Pencil provides the perfect medium for expressing this dramatic contrast as well as the many variations in tone and texture I strive to portray.

Progress Drawings

Wild Trees Categorie coming soon!

Himba Herder

Limited Edition Prints

I strive to produce original work that is of the highest standard possible, and the same quality standard applies to my print reproductions.

All prints are taken from high-definition scans of the original artworks and are Limited Edition, signed and numbered by the artist and printed on top quality Fine Art Paper using 70 year guaranteed Archival Ink. All prints are quality-guaranteed for clarity, precision and near-as-possible faithfulness to the original pencil drawings.

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